Lost Soul

Lofty Plans and Broken Promises…

After the success of the Miami Boat Show I was contacted by Bob who told me that the Lost Soul, the Ketch that he and Jody had sailed aboard while cruising was berthed in southern CA and rotting.  She had been sold years ago to Paul Detoni who at the time had more money than sense.  He was convinced to overpay for her by thousands and as a result had taking a financial beating.  Fast forward 10+ years and he was looking to dump her at a severe discount.  I brainstormed with Bob about how we might be able to get her back to L&A and I told hime I would call Mr. Detoni.  Weeks later when we finally had a chance to chat on the phone we made plans to drive to San Diego and see the boat.  We were unaware that only a short time before Capt Woody had gone down there to inspect her himself for reasons we still do not know.  The day came for us to drive to SD and meet with Paul and tour the Lost Soul.  We arrived on time and climbed aboar… the overpowering smell of diesel fuel should have been a huge red flag but it was the Lost Soul… the famous cruising boat that Bob had sailed into the sunset and then built his world on the experiences…  Negotiations went smoothly and after a quck lunch we drove back to Redondo Beach.  I called Bob and told him that i thought I could acquire the Lost Soul but it needed work.  We spoke about how we could use her for marketing and how he and Jody would sail her to various boat shows making grand entrances etc…  I loved the idea but was concerned how we could afford her.  I knew we could purchase her but did not know haw we could keep her.  Bob and I had many discussions and exchanged many emails about how to best utilize the Lost Soul… I told him that Capt. Woody, Mike Morgan and many others had come to me and cautioned me against buying the Lost Soul. I unfortuantely did not listen.  I was told by numerous people including Capt. Woody, Jody and others that Bob would not honor his agreement because he was not in the physical shape to fulfill what he had proposed. I believed Bob when he told me he would sell charters for legs of his new journeys and that he was confident he had most of them sold already.  I told him that if I negotiated a deal to acquire the Lost Soul he would have to be on his assurance that the boat would not be an added financial burden to the company.  I believed him when he assured me he had everything covered. I believed him when he told me he could still sail her, I believed him when he said he would keep upgrades and expenses to a minimum.  I should have realized based on experience that he was not to be believed but I ignored my instincts and we paid Paul Detoni 10K in certified funds as a down payment on March 16th 2012 and prepared to make the monthly payments.  Right out of the starting gate, Bob commited employees to help him, made financial commitments and told us about them after the fact etc…  On the sail up from San Diego to Oakland it became apparent that Bob had miscalculated his ability to sail the Lost Soul or fulfill his promises regarding the Lost Soul.  His commitments that he had made prior to the purchase were now being unfulfilled and we were left with the huge financial burden of the Lost Soul with no way to offset the costs.  Eventually, we had no alternative but to let Mr. Detoni take her back… However,  not before Bob and Jody sent some of their infamous “Family Members” unannounced to Emeryville Marina to board the boat and remove some “Personal” items that they didnt remove when they sold her years ago.  I only found out about this when I received a frantic call from the Harbormaster while I was in Redondo Beach informing me that strangers were onboard the Lost Soul and robbing it and that he had them on the surveilence video and was preparing to call the police.  I immediately contacted Jody and then was told that they had sent their movers aboard.  When Mr. Detoni finally came to take the boat back he accused us of taking items off of the Lost Soul…  We did not take as much as a shackle off of the Lost Soul.