“Let’s do this already”! 

Finally,  you have read all of the summaries and have gotten to this, the last tab.  What you will find here are documents and emails that clearly paint the picture of someone who continues to say one thing, yet do another.  You can see that Mr. Lipkin has used the domain names (, as a platform for harrassment and has illegally used the L&A Mailing List, Forum, Domains and whatever else he has to start his new copycat venture Cruising Outpost.  We have repeatedly demanded that he turn over control of the domains and have waited for him to initiate legal action to take back L&A as he claims he wants to do.  But I know, that he knows, that if we go to court, he will lose.  Whatever was owed to him would be shadowed by the award of damages against FTW PUblishing, Inc. for tortious interference, trade libel and the host of other torts that he violated and which we can overwhelmingly prove.   We own L&A and all of the copyrights, trademarks, content and blue sky associated with it until if and when a Court determines otherwise.  Until that time Mr. Lipkin continues to illegally hold the domains hostage and violate the agreement which he himself created and signed.  Irespective of any of his claims or disputes between our two companies and regarding the contract or the terms contained therein, and until a court determines otherwise, he is legally obligated to abide by the terms which he continues to violate with impunity.  I have filed a 1.25MM Proof of Claim against Mr. Lipkin in his PERSONAL Bankruptcy and our Attorney will vigorously argue at the hearing and in front of the Bankruptcy Judge that our claim should be upheld.  It does not and will not affect our pending legal issues against FTW Publishing, Inc. which did not declare Bankruptcy.   Mr. Lipkin would prefer that I forget about everything and walk away because he does not wish to be confronted by consequences of his actions and I don’t blame him.  I am confident in ourt case and I am willing to trust the verdict of an impartial Judge and Jury to hear ALL of the evidence and rule appropriately and according to the law.

Either way, win or lose, the door will finally be closed and the drama that was Latitudes and Attitudes will be over for me and life can go on.