Kim Paternoster Emails

Ahhhh Apologies Blanket Frustrations! FW: Hey guys FW: Lats & Atts Investment Opp! Heck of a week… Hey Hoe you are feeling better, thank you, and more… I am sorry IGNORE MY PREVIOUS EMAILFW: Past due TUFF TV payments It’s not just us Left ya hanging… Love… OK Okay… omg On 2nd thought… On Phone Now… Oops Out of CONTROL Overheard RE: Ahhhh RE: Apology RE: Comment.2 RE: Comment RE: Conversation.2 RE: Conversation.3 RE: Conversation.4 RE: Conversation RE: Frustrations!.2 RE: Frustrations!.3 RE: Frustrations!.4 RE: Frustrations!.5 RE: Frustrations!.6 RE: Frustrations! RE: Going Forward.3 RE: Hey guys.2 RE: Hey guys.3 RE: Hey guys.4 RE: Hey guys RE: Love….2 RE: Love… RE: Meeting RE: Out of CONTROL.2 RE: Out of CONTROL.3 RE: Out of CONTROL.4 RE: Out of CONTROL RE: Payment Plan.2 RE: Payment Plan.3 RE: Payment Plan Re: Slept like shit.2 Re: Slept like shit RE: Thoughts.2 RE: Thoughts.3 RE: Thoughts RE: We have a problem Request to remove my name Slept like shit Thoughts Update.2 Update.3 Update Victim We have a problem WHAT I DIDN’T SAY…Online Streaming TV Discussion Will you have time to catch up today?