How LOW can you go?  YOU be the JUDGE!

Writing this makes me sick, literally.  It is one thing to be angry or disappointed when things don’t work out the way you hoped or planned.  However, it is a completely other thing when you take action that is morally and ethically corrupt.  In an age of social media, anyone can put something on the web about you without any filter or basis in truth or accuracy and you are left to defend yourself.  They can say vile, hurtful disgusting things and you have very little recourse except to block them.  When the magazine closed some subscribers, fans and former employees revealed a part of themselves that they should be ashamed of.  I have only put a few emails here because you can get the picture rather quickly of what I am talking about…  The Facebook Posts from Heidi Benson (She resorted to using her sons Facebook Account when she was blocked, nice Mom, right) and others, the forum posts and comments to the press without even pretending that they were interested in trying to discover the real facts behind their statements was and is revolting to me.  At first I was constantly amazed by the depravity of these people making these posts and I was happy to provide local law enforcement departments with their email addresses, and if they were a subscriber their contact and employment  information, but after a while I really just didn’t care what they had to say.  I knew the truth and I knew that when I decided the time was right for me to release it, they would be revealed as the liars that they are and the BS that they put out there would be thoroughly discredited.  However, something amazing also happened… after a while I started getting emails from fans and subscribers with words of support and understanding and I realized that the number of Latitudes and Attitudes former employees, fans and subscribers that stooped to the lowest common denominator of human behavior was dwarfed by a greater number of fans, subscribers and sailing/cruising people who were incredibly gracious, understanding  and supportive.