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Another bad CC- This has to stop… Fwd: Seafaring Proposal – Purchase Agreement Items Fwd: Fwd: Status Fwd: Unbelievable Good news! In your discussions Re: Greetings Boat shit Books Chris Contract and stuff Credit cards Darren From Bob Bitchin Fwd: Facebook Got the contract How’d it go? Jody talked me out of it. Just a thought.2 Just a thought Just what you need.. more shit to think about…2 Just what you need.. more shit to think about.. Legal crap Let’s change my visit to the following week… Let’s do this Let’s talk logistics Logstics Next week instead? No pay? Oakland Show Boat.2 Oakland Show Boat Oakland show Oakland.2 Oakland Okay, let’s talk Okay… then let’s try this.. oop’s… forgot a bullet point… problem with getting a waiver Re: Re: Bounced Check Re: calm down Re: cc list Re: CC Payment Plan.2 Re: CC Payment Plan.3 Re: CC Payment Plan Re: Changes to Boat Show Operations – Effective IMMEDIATELY.2 Re: Changes to Boat Show Operations – Effective IMMEDIATELY Re: Contract and stuff Re: Credit cards.2 Re: Credit cards Re: Employee Bonuses Re: Going forward.2 Re: Going forward.3 Re: Going forward.4 Re: Going forward.5 Re: Going forward Re: Greetings Re: heading to the gym.2 Re: heading to the gym Re: How’d it go?.2 Re: How’d it go? Re: I just want to confirm.2 Re: I just want to confirm Re: I owe you this.. Re: In your discussions Re: It’s been a half hour….2 Re: It’s been a half hour… Re: Jeff info Re: Jody talked me out of it. Re: Latitudes & Attitudes.2 Re: Latitudes & Attitudes.3 Re: Latitudes & Attitudes.4 Re: Latitudes & Attitudes.5 Re: Latitudes & Attitudes Re: Ledger balance.2 Re: Ledger balance Re: Legal Action Re: Legal crap Re: Let’s talk.2 Re: Let’s talk Re: Lost Soul.8 Re: Mexico.2 Re: Mexico Re: New contract.2 Re: New contract.3 Re: New contract Re: No pay?.2 Re: No pay? Re: Palm Coast Data.2 Re: Questions Re: Respect.2 Re: Respect.3 Re: Respect Re: Status.2 Re: Status.3 Re: Status.4 Re: Status.5 Re: Status.6 Re: Status.7 Re: Status Re: Talk at 2PM Re: The Lost Soul.2 Re: The Lost Soul.3 Re: The Lost Soul.4 Re: The Lost Soul.5 Re: The Lost Soul Re: The trailer Re: Thoughts.2 Re: Thoughts.3 Re: Thoughts Re: Timing.. Re: Today is your monday… welcome home.. We are talking Why I use AOL You don’t love me anymore? Your lawyer Your stuff