Kim did not Loan us any money.  She volunteered to seed part of the purchase process because she and her boyfriend were partners and had a vested interest.  It has been claimed that we never planned to reimburse her and that she received no reimbursements.  In fact she received  check # 20222 for $2,592.70 dated 4-11-2012 Kim Paternoster Payment which was hand delivered to her at the Strictly Sail Boat Show.  This was done even as she was stabbing us in the back unbeknownst to us.  It was only after it was revealed that she had been communicating behind our backs to Bob and assisting him in his efforts to take the company back that we ceased paying her any further monies.  Who among you would do any different? (see Kim and Chris for the reason why she was kicked out of the partnership).

Letter to Kim



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